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  • do not entangled the content of the effect map
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to take a stadium, it involves the design, construction and construction. in the construction, it involves the development of many industries, such as machinery, grass seed, underground pipe network and so on. a ball player needs balls, clothes and a lot of players, which promotes the development of golf products. another important thing is advertising, because more and more people are interested in golf. businesses find that golf can be supported by golf support, naming rights and so on, which can bring great business opportunities. probably in 2001, golf player &ldquo, tiger ” personal income is more than jordan, reaching about 17000000 dollars, of which advertising revenue is 9 million 800 thousand, and the title right of pag in the us now exceeds 8 million dollars. a tennis match will be 60 thousand to 70 thousand dollars at a time. it is also the tv broadcast, the promotion of the golf industry is also huge. in the early 50s, the united states used the tv relay for the first time in a golf relay. golf broadcast is one of the most difficult broadcasting. it needs to track within a range of 7000 yards and track a small ball in the seaside, woods and mountains. the difficulty is very large. in 50s, there were only a few tens of thousands of people, and now, a global broadcast, the situation is very different, there are tens of millions of people to watch, great business opportunities.